Note 7969

Date/Time:2018-04-20 @ 0854
Observer:NPS maintenance
Time Entered:2018-04-20 08:59:08
Time Updated:2018-04-20 22:31:03
Time Uploaded:2018-04-20 22:31:03
Note:(New info has confirmed the eruption.) Getting unconfirmed reports of an eruption 4/19 at about 1630. Facebook post says maintenance worker saw water above trees. YVO graphs are down but Norris Museum seismograph shows noise at that time. Also YVO Tantalus Creek graphs -all 3 graphs under hydrology - show spikes. (See attached YVO graphs. Also see other notes on yesterday’s & today’s GT.)

4/20 around noon, Steamboat in steam phase, Cistern drained but not fully, silica on everything down past Cistern, trail washed out beside bridge beneath Steamboat.
Entrant: sfavor
Time Entered:2018-04-20 17:18:51
Time Uploaded:2018-04-20 17:18:51
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No flags for this note. Tantalus Creek graphsEntrant: Polly
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