Note 8083

Date/Time From:2018-05-05 @ 1543
Date/Time To:2018-05-05 @ 1626
Observer:Carol Bill Beverly and Steve Eide
Time Entered:2018-05-05 15:57:26
Time Updated:2018-05-10 10:11:14
Time Uploaded:2018-05-10 10:11:15
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Steamboat's water eruption phase activity has slowed. South vent has ceased water and steam cycle. North vent is no longer spiking water or cycling with loud steam/water spikes and has quieted down to a mixed water steam phase. The whole platform has quieted down. 1550 mix steam water returned to the South vent and North vent is back to spikes of approximately 60 feet. Cistern is down approx. 16". 1556 South vent has stopped. north vent is back to mix steam/water. 1605 North vent is cycling between steam and spikes but is mostly steam and not as loud as I would have anticipated. South vent steam. 1610 STEAMBOAT is in steam phase. Cistern spring at 1626 is slowly receding/draining. I have videos and pictures. I am amending this post. Steamboat restarted after left according to Micah and Rocco. water phased lasted until some time Monday.

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