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Date/Time From:2018-06-10 @ 1100
Date/Time To:2018-06-10 @ 1156
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Note:Strong push, series of large minors leading to huge minor at 1114 that was stronger than "The 1408" on May 26. North sustained to 50+ feet and threw many rocks, left and right side of bottom rock covered. Cistern Spring dropped below overflow level on the east side of the pool. Everyone who had seen it before thought it was starting. Strong minors less frequent until 1156 when they entered a lull. Cistern had recovered by 1240.

I can't believe what I just saw! My reaction to the false start quitting and both vents water disappearing, leaving only quiet steaming.
Entrant: udo
Time Entered:2018-06-10 19:53:09
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