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Date/Time:2018-06-20 @ 2349
Entrant:Tom C.
Time Entered:2018-06-21 00:09:29
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Note:Tara's write up of the GHP is excellent and contains more info than I could have recalled. I'd just add that Catfish and B-C vent (which I've called "Crawdad" for years, without any support) were also active to varying degrees throughout the GHP, but never notable enough for me to include in my calls. But that's not the point of this note. I'd just like to say that the Grotto which preceded the GHP was still ie. right through the Giant start. It was 7 min. shy of 2 hrs. in duration at that point. It had 'tried' and failed to have a Rocket major for ~ 20 min. from about the 1 hr. to 80 min. mark. The previous Giant (6/9/18) was preceded by about a 2 hr. Grotto that also 'tried' and failed to have a Rocket major from about the 1 hr. mark until it just gave up and quit without a Rocket. So, 2 data points. Use them recklessly. Also, Grotto started again within 10 min. of Giant ending.

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