Eruption 1058100

Time Entered:2018-09-30 18:58:49
Time Updated:2018-10-01 16:58:14
Time Uploaded:2018-10-01 19:22:05
Observer:Steve, William, Carol, Bill, Mark, Sally, Kelly, Bonnie
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Comments:Steve W. and William got the start. NV went into steam early at 1906. SV went into steam at 2004. No dirty water or stoppages in either vent observed through 2035. Beautiful sunset eruption! The clouds parted to reveal gorgeous splash of color in the steam and then stars!

Just to add: Fickle B. started before I got to the top of the hill on my way out. U-turn at Elk Park, returned to obs. deck about 1915 +/- 5 min. N. vent was in the loudest steam I've heard this year. S. Vent obscured by steam but - judging mostly by the runoff channel - still in strong water. N. Vent returned to water around 1940, accompanied by a diminution of noise. Main runoff channel started to dry up at 2004, so both vents likely in steam a minute or two prior. No dirty water or rocks reported during eruption, but viewing conditions reportedly tthe start (steam). and during observation (steam and darkness). Still, I have a high degree of confidence in saying "not a dirty girl". Much runoff through forest above Cistern. Cistern still looked full at 2010.
Entrant: Tom C.
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