Last Known Eruption
3y 91d 9h 19m ago

Interval Statistics

Interval Count19
Max15y 2d 15h 24m
Mean2y 44d 19h 47m
Median299d 14h 16m

Latest Notes

Note IDStart Time (US/Mountain)End Time (US/Mountain)EntrantNote
12400 07 Jul 2019 @ 1152 --- User34 Flat, river flowing well through near channel.
9929 29 Aug 2018 @ 1720 --- Micah Kipple Still flat and being drowned by the river.
9204 15 Jul 2018 @ 1850 --- Micah Kipple Pool surface quiet but steadily overflowing and almost imperceptibly rising and falling. Side vent is completely inundated by the side channel of the Firehole.
5217 22 Aug 2017 @ 1041 --- CrisG pool full and quiet. no bubbling or splashing.
4075 09 May 2017 @ 1115 --- Archer Placidly overflowing.
3519 21 Aug 2016 @ 1030 21 Aug 2016 @ 1055 Archer Energetic boiling/splashing from left two vents. Splashing on push reached 3 ft. with highest droplets to 5 ft. and agitated the entire pool.
3197 03 Jul 2016 @ 1332 03 Jul 2016 @ 1530 JSJ East Sentinel Geyser was in minor eruption from 1332 to 1530 from the side vent. Activity ranged from moderately weak to moderately vigorous splashing. Pool water level varied, with episodes of good overflow to intermittent overflow to no overflow. Brief pauses in eruptive activity at 1401 and 1455 and 1514. Moderately vigorous splashing at 1437 to 1438 wet part of the cone. No major eruptions observed, angled or vertical.
3023 09 Jun 2016 @ 1200 09 Jun 2016 @ 1320 CrisG Pool full and quiet. No spashing or bubbling noted.
2766 20 Apr 2016 @ 1430 --- User34 Boiling has switched to the right side, area looks washed, and hillside damp, may have been a major that was seen on the webcam last night
2729 15 Apr 2016 @ 2000 --- WillBoekel grass mowed over above feature. has erupted recently.
1974 24 Jul 2015 @ 1500 24 Jul 2015 @ 1645 Micah Kipple East sentinel and it's side vents are going through cyclic activity. Every 20-25min East sentinel will have a surging minor eruption from 4-8 feet from the north vents. Simultaneously the side vents on the platform will erupt to 3 feet. The minor dies down into strong boiling which continues through the extra overflow and drop just before the minor. There is no more evidence for major eruptions in the past week.
1113 22 Jul 2014 @ 1228 --- WillBoekel Having 1-2inch simmering on river side of the crater at 1228
1080 13 Jun 2014 @ 0000 13 Jun 2014 @ 2359 Micah Kipple Sitting at overflow completely quiet, no evidence of activity of any kind. The river channel adjacent to it is completely full, the side vent located in the channel is completely drowned.
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